Tips for Donating

Please note, for health and safety reasons, all items offered for donation must be new, near new or gently used. Appliances must be fully functional and clean with no broken parts.

Charities insist on the following:

  • Children’s items (prams, cots, walkers etc) must conform with Australian Safety Standards and have no damage.
  • Bedding and mattresses with stains or tears will never be accepted.
  • Analogue TVs without a digital set top box cannot be accepted.

The GIVIT team does not have access to transport and does not undertake ‘house clearances’ – items must be listed separately.

We cannot list food items that are within 3 months of the use-by date - e.g. baby food, non-perishable items.



1. Before listing your donation, please check that it has not already been requested by a charity here.


2. The GIVIT team does not collect or transport items

A charity will arrange this with you. You will be asked to choose whether you prefer to drop off or post your item, or you may request the charity to pick it up... or you can pick all 3!

  • When your donation is selected by a charity, we will exchange your contact details with the charity by email. Contact may then be made to arrange delivery, collection or postage of your item/s.
  • Due to the Privacy Act 1988, under no circumstances are you to deliver your donation directly to a person in need. This must be done by the charity supporting them.
  • If you are asked to do this, please let us know by contacting

Meanwhile, if you should find another home for your item, please let us know by emailing so we can withdraw your donation offer from our system.


3. Please provide as much information about your item as possible by using the description field in the donation form.

For example:

a. Bed linen/curtains – indicate size and colour

b. Kitchen items (crockery, cutlery, pots & pans) – indicate quantity and size

c. White goods – indicate size and specific type (e.g. 7kg front loading washing machine)

d. Clothing – size, adult/childrens, male/female, boy/girl, winter/summer

e. Furniture – size (e.g. 6-seater dining table & chairs, queen size bed, wall unit dimensions, etc.)

If the item you are donating is imperfect, please be specific and indicate this clearly (e.g. “small pen mark on side of lounge” or “10 cm scratch on fridge door”).


4. Please agree to ‘hold’ your item for as long as you can. This increases the chances of it being directly needed. If your item is not reserved within the timeframe you have offered it, you will receive an automated email asking whether you would like to extend your listing. If you choose not to extend, your item will automatically be removed from our virtual warehouse.

In times of disaster we ask that you ‘hold’ items for a minimum of 3 months as disaster recovery is a long process and specific need is usually identified over many months after the initial clean-up stage.


5. If you would like to give something but do not have any items at home, please consider purchasing an item online and getting it delivered to a charity. This will enable you to fulfill a specific need in a disaster area.


Alternatively you may elect to donate funds for items. The GIVIT promise is that 100% of donated funds for items will be spent to purchase what's needed, when it's needed.

As per our Terms of Participation, we do have a list of prohibited items that may not be donated via the GIVIT website.

Thank you so much for your generosity, support and understanding!
It really is appreciated.

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