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More About Disaster Recovery

During times of disaster and emergency, GIVIT Listed Ltd works with government agencies, local councils and not-for-profit organisations to identify the immediate and long-term needs of the affected community.

We then match offers from individuals and businesses to ensure those who need assistance get exactly what they need, where and when they need it most.

Donations are pledged online, eliminating the need for storing, sorting and disposing of inappropriate, unwanted donations. The GIVIT platform maintains the privacy and dignity of all recipients, ensuring they receive only quality items and only those that they require.

In 2015, GIVIT Listed Ltd was awarded the National Resilient Australia Award by Australia's Attorney-General for its Disaster Recovery Service.

We have now raised over
$2.87 million for devastated communities. Donate here.

100% of funds received support people in devastated communities. The GIVIT team endeavours to spend these funds locally.

Corporate Donations

GIVIT manages large corporate donations and offers of services.

Please fill in this form and we will connect you to real need within devastated communities.